Advanced Structural Integrity and Vibration Research Group (ASIVR)

The Advanced Structural Integrity and Vibration Research Group is a leading research group in the vibration & structural integrity area, particularly in the oil and gas sector. Our fundamental and applied research projects and specializes in vibration, machine and structural dynamics, material fatigue and integrity will provide you with the latest engineering skills and expertise to solve real life and complex engineering problems.


  • To promote global interaction and exchange of new knowledge and technologies for the purpose of research, development and financial and industrial security.
  • To bring together and run a dynamic and exciting hub or network of highly innovative and motivated scientists and engineers who are passionate about their research and the transfer of their knowledge to students who are the future of the society we are living in.
  • To research and develop new ideas or applications that directly benefit the local/national industries.
  • To generate groundbreaking research and produce high impact papers for conferences and journals.
  • To create Continual Professional Development programs (CPD) to continually update the workforce in their own environment and run high-level training for qualified engineers and technical personnel.
  • To provide easy passage for the pursuers of higher degrees

ASIVR Website

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